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Select X-pert

  • Advanced English Courses for the most demanding Students at  C1 and C2 level.
  • Improve your English to the highest possible level of fluency and accuracy.
  • The Select X-Pert Course is for high achievers in the professional and academic world.
  • Includes exam techniques and preparation for Cambridge CAE and CPE exams.
  • With a Select X-pert Course you will become a highly competent speaker of English in professional, academic or social situations.
  • Improve your everyday English skills and create pathways to further study and employment opportunities.

    The Cambridge English Advanced qualification shows that you can:

  • Follow an academic course at university level.
  • Communicate effectively at a managerial and professional level.
  • Participate with confidence in workplace meetings or academic tutorials and seminars.
  • Express yourself with a high level of fluency.

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